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Little Prince & Princess’s is a family owned and operated business by a mother and her two daughters. We originated in the basement of our home in Detroit, MI in 2002. Kimberly Glenn, Ebony Glenn, and Samantha Glenn a team with a great amount of collective experience in Childcare. Kimberly Glenn is a case worker with over 15 years’ experience, and operating an in home daycare in 2002. She also holds an AAS in early childhood education. Samantha Glenn and Ebony Glenn owned and operated the Little Prince & Princess’s home business in Southfield, MI in 2014. Samantha has a CDA in preschool education, and Ebony has a bachelors in Family Studies. Between them they have over 6 years’ experience not only in the child care field, but operating their own business.  After the business grew within our first year, space was limited, and we decided to expand our brand. We wanted to reach further than six or twelve children that you can have in a home. We wanted to be able to reach the community and spread our love and nurturing hands as far as we can. Our philosophy (in the figurative sense) is that we are grooming little Princes and Princesses to one day become Kings and Queens!


Learning Center

Little Prince & Princess’s provides the Tri-County area with preschool/child care services, but we do so much more than that. In delivering this service we place a strong emphasis on education first. Our program produces children who are immediately ready to become successful students as they enter their remedial learning years. Our aim is to groom each one of our students to exhibit strong academic qualities and healthy lifestyle habits. 

Our mission is to promote confidence and individuality in every child. To broaden their perspectives with explorative learning. Provide the launching pad that children can use to excel in their lives.

Our Philosophy

Kimberly Glenn, Director